"Dealing Together instead of calling each other"

We are looking for:
- To build a real bridge between goods production and the local distribution company abroad;
- Combine strengths and skills of;
- Jointly create strategies for industrial goods manufacturers in the design and the active management of direct sales channels in Eastern Europe to advise and assist the focus of Bulgaria;
- Especially in personal sales best- develop solutions that contribute optimally to reach the market and organizational goals of the manufacturer.


We are proactive in NIGERIA as GENERAL CONSULTANT, COORDINATOR, PURCHASE AND EXPORT MANAGER of a big international project for sustainable development of local population in order to reduce the immigrants pressure toward EUROPE. The project is intended as a large agriculture complex, including agua culture / fish farming and processing, fish skin tannery, power generator, etc. our partner in the project are a large number companies from SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA via its subsidiary from DENMARK, GERMANY, NORWAY, ISRAEL, GHANA, IVORY COAST and BULGARIA. As upgrading to this activity they want to develop FISHING and the role of our company is also GENERAL CONSULTANT, COORDINATOR, PURCHASE AND EXPORT MANAGER / OFF TAKER.

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