b2invest stands for close relationships with partners to and from Eastern Europe.
We bring companies seeking capital from Central and Eastern Europe and investors from Switzerland together!
New opportunities for investors in the Eastern European growth markets!
New opportunities for you!
With us you gain clarity about your strategies and options, so you can optimize your costs and lose no time!
Eastern Europe is becoming increasingly attractive to investors, pent-up demand exists in all industries.
Rosalia Leykauf Construction & Engineering and its partners from East and West are here for you!
We offer you:
• Advice and support for strategic investors in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo:
• Financial and Tax on site
• Mergers, acquisitions and business investments in Bulgaria. Professional advice and case-site support.
• Carry out joint projects with leading project, consulting and technology company from Switzerland,
the Eastern European countries and the European Union.
• Advising private companies sustainable projects in the areas of water, high-tech approaches
(innovative technical solutions) for water reuse systems, and biogas technology science connected.
• Waste management concepts and plans for the construction of municipal waste depot.
• Construction of waste processing facilities (MSW)
• Construction of small sewage treatment plants
• Financing of companies through subsidies from European funding programs
• Import-Export consulting and handling
• Outsourcing (production and service relocation to Bulgaria, full support in all stages of the outsourcing process.)
We look forward to working with you!
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Section Companies for sale/ search for investors

Subsection Infrastructure and construction

Company 01/01_2016

  company 01  company 01 2


Description: Manufacturer of concrete elements for infrastructure

Form of partnership: sale

Location: Southern Europe

Year of  establishment: 2006, in operation since 2009

Key technical data:

Capacity: over 600 000 m2 per year

Technological equipment and processes- from leading European manufacturer, fully automated, electronic control

Product guarantee: 25 years, strength - 50 MPa

Certificates: СЕ, ISO 9001:2008

Key financial data:

Market share: 25% of the market in the country

Revenues: Y2014 - EUR 1,2 million

EBITDA: EUR 390 000

Sales price and additional information on request.


Subsection hotels and entertainment

Company 2/01_2016


company 02


Description: Hotel Complex 4*

Form of partnership:

Option 1:  Equity investment- acquisition of 50% ownership

Option 2: Sale of the wholehotel complex

Option 3: Sale of the free part of the plot of land with all necessary documents.

Location: Black sea coast,  Bulgaria

Year of  establishment: July 2015

Key data:

Total built-up area: ​​25 000 sq. m., with permissions for 658110 square meters.

Facilities: A three storey building with 2 restaurants, High-class SPA center, 3 swimming pools, sport facilities; project with all permissions for 11 buildings with from 2 to 6 floors, 7 swimming pools, restaurant with 190 seats

Staff: 68 people.

Capacity:full capacity -320 rooms and apartments, as they will be commissioned in 2016.

Key financial data:

Revenues : EUR 12426.735,- Hotel’s activity started in the middle of the tourist season in July 2015, the revenues from sales are given only for the current short period.


Average hotel occupancy:active season 2015 - 85%.

Additional revenues: EUR 53 000/ month from services in the active season

Business strategy: already signed contracts for the season 2016

Prognosis: about EUR 10 million from the period 2016-2018

Sales price and additional information on request.

Section Search for investors

Subsection Agricultural projects

Company 3/03_2016




Description: Utilization of the scraps from the production of wine and turning them into useful bio products- Linoleic acid, grape seed oil, antioxidants, activated coal, biofuel and energy for greenhouses

Form of the project: greenfield project

Location: Southern Europe- Bulgaria

Form of partnership:  search for investments/ joint venture

Key technical data

Raw material

Scraps (marc grape and grape seed) (12000 – 13000 tons yearly) - obtained after processing the grape in wine production.

End products

Electrical energy 24120 MWh/ per year (produced by 3 modules, 1 MWe each);

Thermal energy – 180900 MWh thermal power (produced by all 3 modules);

Grape seed oil – 200 tons;

Pure linoleic acid “LAC” – 10000 kg.;

Antioxidants - 10000 kg.;

Bio diesel – 180 tons;

Greenhouse vegetables (from an area of 120000 square metres) – 2400 tons of cucumbers, 1800 tons of tomatoes

Key financial data

Volume of investment: 24,152,380 €.


Financing period

13 years

Free of charge period

3 years(full grace period)

Paying off scheme

10 years in equal payment

Type of loan

Equity capital invested in a 50-50% joint venture(JV), to the transfer of shares after repayment of interest and principal on the loan. 


3.7% annual interest payable to at one installment


Additional information on request.