Highest quality of life thanks to the best house-building materials

Höchste Lebensqualität dank gesunden Baumaterialien


Customized Projects – Turnkey projects of buildings construction in your desired configuration/design: All from one source!

We design and build your dream-house and buildings according to modular prefabricated energy efficiency buildings of modern SIP module - excellent insulated with a natural materials by employing the latest technology.
Our company is the exclusive representative of this proven and patented Canadian SIP- construction technology in Switzerland.
Individual residential, commercial, warehouse and public buildings without destructions in the area, with a height of up to 3 floors, are designed and constructed.
The extremely short construction period, the prior excellent energy and environmentaly friendly performance make these houses unique.
The very fair prices enable you to realize your dream of owning the very individual house!

Advantages of the modular structure:
• The modules are 4 times stronger than conventional wood panels
• The modules are 8 times warmer than brick and concrete
• The modules have a 2-fold improvement in energy efficiency
• A 150mm-wall with a SIP module can replace a conventional 150mm-wall with an insulation glass wool, or a 1500 mm-wall thick brick.
• Low material cost
• Low total price
• Extremely short constucting time

The polystyrene foam is characterized by:
• High compressive strength and high density
• Very good sound insulation properties
• Excellent thermal characteristics for low thermal conductivity; low thermal expansion, structural stability in temperatures ranges from 80-180 ° C.
• Low water absorption and water vapor
• High resistance to chemical products
• High resistance to biological influences
• Good fire resistance
• No smell!
• No making powder form, thanks to the special pressing process
• Environmentally friendly,
we only use Environmentally friendly substances and gases. They contain no ozone-depleting substances (CFCs) such as phenol, formaldehyde, ethyl acetate, butanol, toluene, diisocyanate. Therefore, this material is often used in the construction of public buildings (hospitals, schools, etc.).


The technology allows customers to be completely satisfied with the ideas; previously developed by our team project.
There are no restrictions in the implementation of various external and internal claddings and floorings. Our company offers a variety of these products.
We offer a lot of options for you in the project-execution process. You can organize the foundation (with or without basement) and the house connections (electricity, water, sewer, gas and Internet connections) yourself or let everything run by our professional team.
It is also possible to choose traditional Swiss style homes or classical and modern style ones.
The ECOMODUL buildings are available according to the customer desire in an ECONOMY, STANDARD or DELUXE version.


One of the biggest advantages of the modular houses is their perfect energy - saving features due to the vacuum insulating system.
Thanks to the extremely tight connections between the multilayer modular SIP elements, there is no "cold bridges". According to the international standard SIP technology belongs to the higher "Energy Star" efficiency class.


The insulation Polystyrene foam is environmentally friendly as its production is used only by environmentally friendly materials and gases. The product contains no ozone depleting substances (CFCs).


You get a beautiful, valuable and inexpensive building in the design you have chosen.
Roughly calculated, only 12 working days takes to construct a building of approximately 100 m2, from the existing foundation.

We provide 50 years guarantee for the houses constructed by us, however, the real life time is 90-100 years.

Our ECOMODUL buildings have very attractive prices!

Get in touch with us, please fill out your contact and learn more about the fast execution, order duration, delivery dates, prices and much more from your ECOMODUL dream home.

We look forward to meeting you!


Base area of 89,55м²





Base Area of 120,36 м² Net Internal Area of 92,94 м²