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Our Q construction system doesn’t feature thermal bridges typical of a classical mode of construction. These bridges cause energy losses, humidity and condensation. Therefore, in construction process, Quattro Houses uses thermal insulation concrete panels, produced by application of its own technology.

‘Sandwich-panels’, produced in the factory using particular tools, arrive ready-made at a construction site. Their great advantage lies in the fact that they have constant continuous interior insulation which ensures energy savings up to 80 %.

rl-quatro-houses-2Panel structure resembles a sandwich due to the fact that reinforced concrete of which panels are made has interior insulation both in exterior and interior walls, thereby eliminating adverse concrete properties such as sensitivity to damp – noise and damp remain outside the house. Quattro panels with hermetically sealed insulation prevent any such permeation, while noise is reduced by 50%.

Panels are connected in the following manner: wall-to-wall and wall-to-ceiling by means of concrete columns formed by putting up panels and ceilings. Quattro Houses builds so-called massive assembly by cementing all columns and ceilings into one unit. Panels are manufactured in the factory according to projected measures and mounted on the site intended for the future building, where they are fixed into monolith unit.

Q construction system enables time saving as never before. The fast process of construction eliminates the possibility of missing the deadline and raising construction price.

Turnkey system, applied by Quattro Houses Company, doesn’t only entail construction of a building, but also finishing works, installation works (plumbing, electrical and heating installations) with necessary sanitary devices and other elements as per the client’s requirement. Depending on investor’s requirements, Quattro Houses may deliver a building in rough construction phase, if that is what an investor requires.

Each panel in Quattro buildings is a structural wall. Each exterior panel-wall has continuous insulation owing to the application of Quattro technology which has become renowned and awarded due to such type of insulation. Interior walls are also load-bearing walls, and have both sound and thermal insulation. Quattro buildings’ seismic resistance is very strong, and in standard Quattro construction it is magnitude 10.0 Mercalli scale, i.e. magnitude 7.2 Richter scale. The unique versatility of Quattro construction system ensures raising the degree of seismic resistance in a simple way.

All types of insulation can be used in Quattro buildings – styrofoam, styrodur, rockwool, mineral wool etc. If the clients opt for materials such as Styrofoam and Styrodur which are not fireproof, they can still be carefree in the event of fire, because hermetically sealed insulation in Quattro panels cannot burn thereby preventing gases dangerous to life. Nonetheless, if the insulation sustains damage in the process, it is easily restored by filling up the walls due to the fact that it’s hermetically sealed. Therefore, there is no need for demolishing building, wall adaptation and additional works.

After the event of fire, melted insulation is simply restored to initial condition by filling up the walls, and it is done without demolishing, wall adaptation and additional costs.


Main advantages of Q system:

- Construction of low energy buildings with exceptional energy saving up to 80%

- Fast and precise construction

- Affordable construction price as compared to the quality of construction,

- Exceptional resistance to natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes etc.)

- Reduced emission of harmful gases caused by heating

- Exceptional thermal and sound insulation

- Stronger connection between two panels ensured by continuous reinforced concrete thermal insulation

- Absence of thermal bridges in all concrete junctures and impossibility of damp and mold build-up

- Maintenance and regulation of desired indoor temperature regardless of outdoor conditions

- Implementation of all types of heating as well as renewable energy sources

- Lower construction price of apartments – more housing units in less time which ensures saving on state budget

- Building with our system is not an ordinary ‘panel construction’ but modified classical skeletal system which applies Quattro System technology

- Q system was patented in 2009/2010

The cost of building using Q system is considerably reduced in relation to high quality and speed of construction. This enables investors to have a quick capital turnover, with reduced bank fees and entails negotiating fixed construction price.

Confirmation of the new Quattro technology stated features is Lafarge Institute Award for the best and the most innovative building technology in 2010/2011

The new construction system opens up the opportunity for meeting the most stringent standards in energy efficiency, speed and quality of construction as well as its affordability.

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