Globalization. Bridge between the West and the Ost.

Under the motto „a bridge to Central Europe" we aim to expand the horizon in the areas of construction and engineering with local presence and expertise on both sides.

ROSALIA LEYKAUF CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING provides you with the knowledge and offers comprehensive integrated support in all aspects of market entry, market research and market development as well as customized advice on finding business partners in all Central European countries including Switzerland.
ROSALIA LEYKAUF CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING helps you to reach your goals in the sale and export of your products of various industries sectors, consistently and methodically.
The design, construction, commissioning and the reconstruction of new and used plants and equipment as well as technology and Know-how transfer are the focus of our practice.
Thanks to our knowledgeable local experts and locally stationed service technicians, we support you quickly with technology transfer in all EU- Eastern countries (Especial focus on: Bulgaria) and provide technology support at every stage.
We are experts in the disassembly and reassembly of new & used construction equipment, industrial plants and components.
ROSALIA LEYKAUF CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING is present in Bulgaria with the company name RL SWISS BRIDGE

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