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Company 3/03_2016




Description: Utilization of the scraps from the production of wine and turning them into useful bio products- Linoleic acid, grape seed oil, antioxidants, activated coal, biofuel and energy for greenhouses

Form of the project: greenfield project

Location: Southern Europe- Bulgaria

Form of partnership:  search for investments/ joint venture

Key technical data

Raw material

Scraps (marc grape and grape seed) (12000 – 13000 tons yearly) - obtained after processing the grape in wine production.

End products

Electrical energy 24120 MWh/ per year (produced by 3 modules, 1 MWe each);

Thermal energy – 180900 MWh thermal power (produced by all 3 modules);

Grape seed oil – 200 tons;

Pure linoleic acid “LAC” – 10000 kg.;

Antioxidants - 10000 kg.;

Bio diesel – 180 tons;

Greenhouse vegetables (from an area of 120000 square metres) – 2400 tons of cucumbers, 1800 tons of tomatoes

Key financial data

Volume of investment: 24,152,380 €.


Financing period

13 years

Free of charge period

3 years(full grace period)

Paying off scheme

10 years in equal payment

Type of loan

Equity capital invested in a 50-50% joint venture(JV), to the transfer of shares after repayment of interest and principal on the loan. 


3.7% annual interest payable to at one installment


Additional information on request.