NEW BUILD - 3X Longliners

NEW BUILD - 3X Longliners
DATE LAUNCHED: 4 months from signed contracts
LENGTH: 23.50m (77ft 1in)
BEAM: 8m (26ft 2in)
DRAFT: 3.50m (11ft 5in)



They are in dry dock in the shipyard but never touched the water.

Very proven design with 31 sister ships already built and fishing off Africa.

These longliners are almost complete : Hull, superstructure and mast built and painted. Propeller, shaft line and gearbox installed, accommodation built.


The following completion work has to be done:
installation of main engine, generator sets and auxiliaries in engine room.
installation of the longline system
installation of insalation for cargo hold and freezing system.
installation of communication and navigation system.

The delivery time would be 4 months after the effective date of the contract, subject to modifications requested by customers.
It is also possible to modify final installations for other fishing methods.
Sisterships of this series are mainly used as longliners. Their rate of use is about 288 days a year (32 trips of 9 days for catching capacity of 960 t of Tuna per year). Each campaign lasts approximately 10 days.
These vessels are designed and lifesaving appliances provided for in accordance with the requirements of the French Flag Authorities for operations in 2nd category of navigation (up to 200 miles from safe heaven and with maximum voyage distance of 600 miles).
The gross tonnage is about 178 UMS.


The general arrangement of the Longliner is optimized for:
Ergonomics at work for long lining activities
Comfort (access of living areas)
Security (crew work station is located on the fishing deck
Hygiene of the product

Main Characteristics
Length overall 23.3 m
Length between perpendiculars 21.9 m
Breadth at deck level 8.0 m
Depth mid ships 4.0 m
Draught mid ships (approx.) 3.2 m
Maximum draught (stern draught) 3.5 m
Captain 1
Crew 7
Total 8

Fuel oil 33 000 l
Fresh water 3 000 l
Provisions 12 days
Fish hold 30 tons
The fish hold is a deep freezing room to maintain extremely cold temperature for tuna storage. Air blast freezer temperature is -40°C approx. Tuna storage area temperature is maintained at -20°C approx.

The maximum free running speed of the trawler is approximately 9.5 knots.
The propulsion is optimized for needed longlining speed, furlong line deployment and recovery.


Standards and Regulations
The Vessel is compliant with the following rules:
Rule in appendix to the French Flag Authority Decree;
IMO Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS A1 +A2);
International Tonnage measurement regulations (1969);
The Vessel is marked according to COLREG regulations.
The structure is designed according to Bureau Veritas classification society rules.

Hull and Superstructure
The structure is designed in accordance with the BV rules for fishing vessels of length lower than 24m.
The hull is built in steel.
The wheelhouse is built in aluminum alloy.

The silicone based antifouling allows to:
Reduce the consumption of fuel
Reduce the frequency of dry-dock
This antifouling is applied to the entire underwater hull.

The anchoring and mooring equipment includes: 2 anchors of 340 kg stowed on fore bridge deck
The Longliner is equipped with one rudder operated by a hydraulic steering gear.
The Vessel is equipped with a mechanical ventilation system. An air conditioning system is fitted in the crew accommodation and in the wheelhouse.
The galley is equipped with independent mechanical hood ventilation.
The engine room is mechanically ventilated with one 12000 m3/h capacity air supply fan.

The vessel is equipped with:
Fresh water system
Fire-fighting and washing system
Draining and dewatering system
Grey and black waters
Fuel oil system
Lubrication oil system
Hydraulic systems
Fire extinguishing system

Electrical distribution is made through 2 50 kVA generators and 3 networks:
Main power network 380VAC- 50Hz-3 phases
Lighting, sockets and small auxiliaries network 230 VAC-50Hz-1 and 3 phases
Direct current network 24VDC (+ and – insulated) with batteries and battery chargers
Each of the 3 networks is provided with one insulation controller.
Electric equipment located outside or in exposed areas has a protection level IP56.

The longliner is provided with a propulsion plant composed of:
One (1) diesel engine Caterpillar C32 (559 kW)
One (1) gearbox
One (1) fixed pitch propeller (5 blades) with nozzle from France Helice or equivalent.


Communication Systems
One GMDSS A1+A2 area (up to 100 nautical miles of the coast). GMDSS is compliant to the SOLAS convention. It includes:
1 VHF/IMM FURUNO-FM8800S transceivers with associated digital selective call controller.
1 Simplex VHF transceivers 12v FURUNO-FM4721 or equivalent
1 MF FURUNO-FM1570 transceiver associated with an MF DSC controller
2 VHF Ocean Signal V100B watertight portable transceivers
1 Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacon (EPIRB)
2 Radar transponders (SART) FURUNO
1 Navtex FURUNO NX700 Prob with printer.
One AIS transponder (Automatic Identification System), TRANSAS Class A type or equivalent is fitted.

One intercom subsystem, STENTO, is fitted with 5 terminals, providing the following functions:
Point to point communication
General broadcast

Navigation System
The proposed navigations equipment is compliant to the future SOLAS convention, applicable to fishing vessels of less than 24m.
It includes:
One echo sounder
One log
One magnetic compass
One radar reflector
One X Band Radar (36Nm) FURUNO M1835
One X Band Radar (48Nm) FURUNO M1945
One Satellite Compass FURUNO SC-30
One Secondary GPS FURUNO GP33
One Weather station with Display station RADIO OCEAN Rowind 33
One Video system CCTV 4 video cameras
Autopilot and Rudder angle indicator SIMRAD AP50
One SIMRAD fishing sonar

Fishing installation


The fishing equipment includes:
One (1) hydraulic single line drum, fitted on fishing deck with the approximate storage capacity of 75km of 4 mm monofilament line.
One (1) hydraulic longline hauler
One (1) system to ease off the longline
The fish hold is a deep freezing room to maintain extremely cold temperature for tuna storage. Air blast freezer temperature is -40°C approx.
Tuna storage area temperature is maintained at -20°C approx.